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February 2021

Eight Years.


December 2020

I’m Still Here.

July 2020

Her Legs and Her Brain

13th November 2013: I Cannot Make You Understand

May 2020

The Lonely Are Such Delicate Things

8th August 2013: Sick Notes (Blogging After A Brain Injury, Before Alphabet Brains)

March 2020

5th August 2013: Neuropsychology (Blogging After A Brain Injury, Before Alphabet Brains)

February 2020

31st July 2013: Apple Abyss (Blogging After A Brain Injury, Before Alphabet Brains)

January 2020

22nd July 2013: Blogging After A Brain Injury (Before Alphabet Brains)

15th June 2013: Blogging After A Brain Injury (Before Alphabet Brains)

11th June 2013: Blogging After A Brain Injury (Before Alphabet Brains)

Advice On Journaling After a Brain Injury

December 2019

Dreaming After A Brain Injury

August 2019

Dreaming After A Brain Injury

#BrainQA, Question 22: How are your dreams since your brain injury? Do you remember them?

It’s OK Not To Be OK

June 2019

Headway Q&A About Blogging After Brain Injury

May 2019

The Importance of Having a Support Network After A Brain Injury and What To Do If You Don’t Have One

April 2019

Noise Sensitivity After a Brain Injury: Tips for Dining Out

February 2019

World Is Suddener Than We Fancy It.

December 2018

Living With Someone Who Has a Brain Injury: Guest Blog Post, Paula and Bill

Living With Someone Who Has a Brain Injury: Guest Blog Post, Stephen and Naomi

November 2018

#BrainQA, Question 21: What are the positives since your brain injury?

The importance of Art After a Brain Injury

September 2018

On Turning 28… “But You Look So Well”

Focusing On The Positives When Living With A Brain Injury

Learning About Brain Surgery and So Much More…

A Timetable For My Life; Brain Injury Advice

#BrainQA, Question 20: What hurtful comments have you heard?

#BrainQA, Question 19: ‘Have you taken on any pet projects since your brain injury? How did it go?’

July 2018

Brain Injury Survivors: When and how can we defend ourselves?!

June 2018

Holding a conversation after a brain injury

May 2018

#BrainQA, Question 18: For those who had brain surgery, how do you feel about your scar?

#BrainQA, Question 17: What’s improved since the early days of your brain injury?

#BrainQA, Question 16: Do you like talking about your brain injury?

March 2018

Headaches and pain after (traumatic) brain injury

January 2018

Learning after a brain injury

November 2017

Boring self care Nov: Dishes

Boring self care Nov: Laundry

#BrainQA, Question 15: How often do you get overwhelmed?

Mementos that take me back to the early days of my brain injury

Apps that simplify living with a brain injury, part one: Password Managers

October 2017

Things that haunt me

Help Me Remember: A podcast episode on brain injury by Terrible, Thanks for Asking (TTFA)

Headway brain injury identity (ID) card: ‘A simple solution to a tricky conversation’

Quiet Tears: The Days When Living With a Brain Injury Become… Too Much

#BrainQA, Question 14: How did your brain injury happen? (There was a whopping 300+ answers so I’ve organised them into categories:

Part 12: Road traffic accidents

Part 11: Bangs on the head

Part 10: Falls

Part 9: Suicide attempts

Part 8: Attacks

Part 7: Brain Tumour Surgeries

Part 6: Strokes, Aneurysms, Haemorrhages and Arteriovenous Malformations (AVMs)

Part 5: Multiple Brain Injuries

Part 4: Sports

Part 3: Domestic Violence

Part 2: Infections and Diseases

Part 1: Poisoning, Epilepsy, Army Accidents and Medical Mistakes

#BrainQA, Question 13: Do you have any regrets?

#BrainQA, Question 12: Social media: How much do you share about your brain injury?

#BrainQA, Question 11: What’s the worst advice you’ve been given?

#BrainQA, Question 10: How many people have you met that also have a brain injury?

#BrainQA, Question 5: What is one problem you find the hardest after your brain injury? (from May)

September 2017

Advice on meeting new people after a brain injury

July 2017

Daily struggles of life after a brain injury: Advice given

#BrainQA, Question 9: Who do you talk to the most about your brain injury?

How To Look After Yourself After A Brain Injury

June 2017

#BrainQA Question 8: If you’ve told strangers how did they react? 

Reading after a brain injury

#BrainQA Question 7: Do you have or would you get a tattoo to represent your brain injury?

Organ Donation: Opinions and religious views on being an organ donor


May 2017

Creating a world from a bench in a crowded street: How I came to feel safe after my brain injury

#ANewMe: How brain injury affects my life and how it motivated me to create Alphabet Brains

#BrainQA: Question 6: What kind of therapy have you had since your brain injury? Did you find that worked?

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017: Therapy Thursday

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 – #BrainQA Question 5: What is one problem you find the hardest after your brain injury?

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017: 10 products to cheer yourself and your brain up

#BrainQA, Question 4: Do your friends and family understand your brain injury?

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017: The mental strain and ongoing battle of living with a brain injury

#BrainQA, Question 3: What’s the best advice you’ve been given since your brain injury?

Me VS the world…

#BrainQA, Question 2: How often do you think about your brain injury?

#BrainQA, Question 1: What is one thing you’d like every brain injury survivor to know?

April 2017

My brain injury does define me: Looking over an old blog post

How Motivational Tattoos is helping me ‘Breathe’ and calm my injured brain down

Looking back over March: Brain Injury Awareness Month 2017

#MarchMeetTheMaker 2017

March 2017

Coral-Lynn’s Brain Injury Survivor Story

#WearItOut for The Brain Tumour Charity – Headbands and Bandanas for Brain Tumour Awareness

February 2017

When you come out of the storm… 4 year brain injury anniversary

Top 5 Posts in 2016: Louis Theroux, Hidden Disability, My Beautiful Broken Brain, Recovery and Pregnancy Fear

Shelley and Taylor’s Brain Injury Survivor Story

January 2017

Living with chronic fatigue: A Pie Chart Illustration

Elliot’s Brain Injury Survivor Story

Joanne’s Brain Injury Survivor Story

December 2016

Pregnancy, Parenthood and Perhaps Fear When Living With Chronic Fatigue

Alphabet Brains is an Everyday Hero in The Happy Newspaper!

“How is your recovery going?”

November 2016

Useful Links

The A-Z Project – A

The A-Z Project: An Art Therapy Colouring in Pages Project

The Spoon Theory

October 2016

Facebook Giveaway: Brain Cosy by Katie Abey Design

Joanna’s Brain Injury Survivor Story

Randy’s Brain Injury Survivor Story

Sandy’s Brain Injury Survivor Story

World Mental Health Day – Your Brain Injury Does Not Define You… Or does it?

September 2016

Are other brain injury bloggers/websites your competitors or is it a community?

Our Beautiful Broken Brains

Overhearing “Brain Injury isn’t really a disability”

Distracting Your Brain From The Sensation of Pain

The Fear of Falling

Apple’s Brain Injury Emoji

August 2016

How To Look After Yourself on Holiday (and How Not To…)

July 2016

Brittany’s Brain Injury Survivor Story

A Different Brain: Louis Theroux Documentary Review

Brian’s Speech on Brain Injury at His Local College

Emily’s Brain Injury Survivor Story

June 2016

Lumosity: A Brain Training App

Jamie’s Story – Q&A

May 2016

Therapy Questions and Answers

Jamie’s Brain Injury Survivor Story

Brian’s Brain Injury Survivor Story

“Has anyone ever reached out to you?”

Naomi’s Brain Injury Survivor Story

Why Did I start Alphabet Brains?