Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017: 10 products to cheer yourself and your brain up

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 day 2 I thought I’d share a few products that have cheered me and my brain up recently! It’s the little things that can cheer you up the most sometimes. I haven’t been sponsored or anything, I just like these products and want to share the happiness they bring.

1 – Brain Cosy by Katie Abey Design. Yes, I know it’s almost summer but it’s so cute how can you resist? If you’re in England you’ll probably need it during summer! I bought mine in October and wear it pretty much everyday, it really is cosy. I also think it would be great to give to someone who’s just had brain surgery, I was given a bright pink bobble hat after my surgery and looking back I realise how thoughtful that present was.

2- The Sad Ghost Club. I really love these guys. I can’t remember how I found them, but I’m glad I did. They help me get through the dark place with their super cute drawings that are just so spot on.

We’re a small creative project making comic books, apparel and merchandise to spread positive awareness of mental health.

We work with mental health charities and are hoping to collaborate with artists to send a bigger message of mental health awareness.

We also do workshops and talks based around mental health and emotional well-being xxxx

I have many items… Zines, postcards, stickers and t-shirts.

This is my favourite t-shirt, it makes me stay positive that I’m still going through my recovery. When I wear it I think to myself ‘I’m still growing, I’m still recovering’ and because it looks good on it makes me feel good. Their products start from only £4, perfect for a little pick me up!

3 – Honey Bee Cards. Ok, so I haven’t bought anything from these guys yet because I only found them a few days ago (but I’m tempted, watch this space…) it was the muscle card that cheered me and my brain up the most. Especially the last line ‘You are not what you think you are in your darkest hours

4 – Motivational Tattoos. My favourite item of is the ‘Breathe’ pin badge, but they also do other badges with ‘I am Enough’, ‘Believe’, ‘Achieve’ and ‘Calm’

I like the ‘Breathe’ one the best because it’s what inspired me to train my brain. Their main products are temporary tattoos with positive sayings on to help spread mental health awareness all in aesthetically pleasing pastel colours.

5 – Ruby etc: It’s All Absolutely Fine: Life is complicated, so I’ve drawn it instead book. It’s such a good book. I actually bought it for mum for Christmas, I read it first and placed sticky notes on all the pages I thought she would love, there was a lot of sticky notes! Ruby’s dry sense of humour comes across great in both her drawings and writing. There’s a few sad ones in there too, which let’s face it… What is life without a few sad things? I felt refreshed and connected to the book after reading it. I was sad (but also excited because I knew mum would love it) when I gave it away, I should probably buy a copy for myself. Note: Not entirely related to brain injury but she does have a few drawings in there that do relate… One of my favourites being this one.

6 – Disabled badge by Normal Land. ‘If you have an invisible impairment you want to make a bit more visible, this is the pin for you!

7 – Brain Biscuit Cutter. This just makes me smile, it’s been in my favourite items section on Etsy for so long. I’m thinking about buying it for when Alphabet Brains turns 1 year old in a few weeks!

8 – Queen of Naps Badge. Another item that has been on my Etsy favourite items section for a long time! I need to treat myself? It’s just so perfect!

9 – Well Done Brain Mug by yours truly. I kind of have to add my own product here, don’t I?

Well done brain, well done for surviving. I know we still have problems but along with our brains, we are working as a team and doing the best we can. So let’s stay positive, these little doodles are a start! (Also comes in blue) For every mug sold £2 is donated to Headway! Headway is the UK-wide charity that works to improve life after brain injury. Through its network of more than 125 groups and branches across the UK, it provides support, services and information to brain injury survivors, their families and carers, as well as to professionals in the health and legal fields.

10 – Brain Injury Emoji Badge by once again, yours truly. This was the first ever drawing I did for Alphabet Brains (apart from the logo) so it holds a special place in my heart. It helps that it’s super cute too. It’s a subtle way to raise awareness of brain injury because it says so much without having to say anything at all. ‘I love it! It is cute yet shows that we are hurt also

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