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Eight Years.

In two days it will be another anniversary of my accident and my brain surgery. What does that mean in terms of technology and emotions? It’s another year where I choose to ignore the memory notifications on facebook and another year where I don’t look at timehop, even though I know these days leading up to the 21st off by heart by now. 

This year is a strange one as everyone on the planet in a few weeks will have experienced a birthday in lockdown, but what about experiencing blurred memories of something that changed you forever in lockdown? I’m sitting here unable to pop to the pub to make light of it… Or have a big serious heart to heart about it, each year varies. 

The loneliest year. Kind of fitting really as parts of my life from my accident aren’t mine, they belong to my family and friends. They were there to see, hear and feel my… Our shared experiences. I was, I am still trying to read a book glued to my hand with pages torn out.

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