Alphabet Brains is a blog and online community for brain injury survivors.

It’s a place where you can get advice & support, share your stories and make friends.

Who runs it?


Age: 27

Date of surgery: 21st February 2013

More details: I suffered a large right frontal extradural haematoma after a fall down the stairs along with a fractured skull and jaw.

My aim is to bring brain injury survivors together to create a support net where they can talk openly about whatever they need to.

I also hope to raise awareness to people without a brain injury, to teach them that we live with a hidden illness and everyday life can often be a struggle.

How are you going to do this?

Publishing blog posts on the variety of subjects that surround brain injury

Pubishing Survivor Stories written by brain injury survivors

Publishing guest blog posts (email: afterbrainsurgery@gmail.com if you would like to write one!)

Sharing images, books, quotes. videos and anything that relates to brain injury on Alphabet Brain’s social media pages: facebook, twitter and instagram

A weekly #BrainQA session where I ask questions about brain injury and other survivors answer with their personal opinions (Every Monday at 8pm)