#BrainQA · How did you brain injury happen?

How did your brain injury happen? Part 2: Infections and diseases

This is part two of the fourteenth #BrainQA: How did you get your brain injury? There was a whopping 300+ answers, thank you so much for answering everyone! I spilt the answers into sections:


‘Focal encephalitis (brain virus) of unknown origin.’

‘My immune system attacked my brain’

‘A bad infection from a surgery when mesh was used five years before, caused my brain to have a bad bleed.’

‘Side effect of Biological injection… STELARA’

‘My immune system attacked my brain. Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis’

‘West Nile Meningoencephalitis. (an inflammation of the brain and can be caused by either head injury, bacterial infections, or, most commonly, viral infections.)’

‘I was on holidays in Switzerland and got Meningococcal, Bacterial Meningitis, Septicaemia, renal failure and all my organs were shutting down and my limbs were dying and turning black from the meningococcal. The bacterial meningitis brain infection was global all over my brain. At 28 I had to learn how to walk, talk, read and write again, couldn’t even work out how to cross a road. Very thankful I had awesome doctors who saved my life’

‘My husband had bacterial pneumonia and an ear infection. His eardrum ruptured sending the bacteria to his brain causing meningitis. Eventually he had three strokes, seizures, a pulmonary embolism and developed hydrocephalus. Now he has a programmable shunt in his head. He is three times a miracle and every day I am thankful he is still in my life.’

‘Brain infection with three abscesses in three different parts of my brain’


‘Autoimmune disease. I’ve had a few head injuries but the labeled culprit on my medical file is Celiac Disease. Apparently it was eating away at my brain for years. Like brain rot. And it did not heal. I’ll probably never re-learn math beyond the basic level either. Which is a real big problem when you’re trying to get your GED and you can’t grasp letters and numbers together.’

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