#BrainQA, Question 2: How often do you think about your brain injury?

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How often do you think about your brain injury?

‘Whenever faced with adversity. Less now but still often.’

‘Every single day, every time I notice something I should of, could of or might of done differently. Being more positive about it now though!’

‘I feel like I think about mine WAY TOO MUCH, almost everyday. It’s so hard not to though. It was such a big thing that happened to me, I don’t know what life would be like if I didn’t think about it. I feel like I need to think about it because it’s a part of me. I can’t imagine not thinking about it, but I do need to find a balance. Everyday/every other day isn’t healthy, I know this…’

‘Every day. I live my life compensating: my speech, my gait, anxiety.’

‘Daily- it’s part of who I am- it needs to be managed.’

‘All the time, I am learning to adapt my life around it, the enormity of it has changed me body, mind and spirit.’

‘About four times a day, that’s one of the reasons we started Health is Your Wealth magazine so that TBI survivors can adopt strategies that turn into habits and improve independence’

‘Many times throughout the day for over two years. I think about it a little less now than I did initially, but I’m constantly having to modulate my activity levels and calculate how much my brain can handle, including looking for treatment options and going to appointments. I am trying to orient myself to the positive more and more but at first it was nearly impossible because of the crushing depression and numerous symptoms, including intense fatigue that I literally couldn’t escape.’

‘Several times a day.’

‘I think about it when I know I have to get things done. I need to the cleaning up and also the lawn needs cutting. However I know I will be fatigued afterwards! I have to be realistic and see how I feel after I have done the first one! I also think about it when I want to do things like join a gym or take my dogs for a walk!!! X’

‘Honestly not too often. The first year everyday, but now I know finals are stressful for everyone and I feel I have an advantage over other students because if I feel tired and stressed I meditated before my final today and can organize more efficiently and have learned to write in my calendar everything, business, school, and even meeting up with friends. I believe I actually benefited from spending ten days in a coma because I learned so much I apply to my life now.’

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