#BrainQA · Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 – #BrainQA: What is one problem you find the hardest after your brain injury?

#BrainQA: Q&A to bring brain injury survivors together and to raise brain injury awareness. Every Monday at 8pm (UK time) on facebook, twitter and instagram

The following answers are users from facebook, twitter and instagram, thank you everyone for answering!

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week this week so the questions are focusing on our mental health. This question isn’t so much about mental health, but it can be as one main problem for brain injury survivors is the mental strain and ongoing battle of living with a brain injury.

What is one problem you find the hardest after your brain injury?

‘To accept my limitations knowing nobody else will ever understand or comprehend.’

‘Adapting everything and every situation and poorly brain still gets caught out, fatigue!’


‘Multi tasking, busy visual environments, driving, having to say no to outings and events that include any of these.’

‘I get overwhelmed in new situations and when I have many decisions to make that need to be in the right order. A good example is my son’s college graduation this weekend.’

Money!!! Point of fact the lack there of!’

‘Forgetting simple words like fork, or as I described it: “the pointy thing that’s not a spoon”‘ & ‘Yup….I couldn’t say “dustpan” recently, so I called it a “sweep catcher”!’

Money and the lack of understanding from others’

You can take part in #BrainQA on facebook, twitter or instagram every Monday at 8pm (UK time)

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