#BrainQA, Question 4: Do your friends and family understand your brain injury?

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The following answers are users from facebook, twitter and instagram, thank you everyone for answering!

Do your friends and family understand your brain injury?

‘My fiance defintely understand. He was there when I was injured and takes me to every appointment and specialist without a complaint. ? My parents know but I hate to update thsm because I feel like I burden them. My two sisters and brother tell the rest of the family and my friends that I am faking it and am lying about thw whole thing. I havent spoken to my second oldest sister or brother because I just couldn’t be around the negative energy any longer. My youngest brother knows but I think as he gets older he will understand more as will my nephews and neices. Basically my fiances family knows and are more supportive and in the last year Ive been more open with my health because I felt they should hear more from us instead of bits and pieces. Its been a hard 4 years to say the least. ?’

‘Ha! Only those who really understand grief and loss, and those who have been through this type of injury with someone else.’

‘Absolutely not. But I do have some that have actually researched it to try and get an understanding.’

‘Mom and dad yes, husband yes, sisters and friends no’

‘My closest friends get it. My parents do sometimes. And I had a relationship end because he refused to acknowledge anything had happened.’

‘Close family and friends do… other friends have completely no idea how it feels! And also employees have no idea!’

‘They forget, it’s a reminder when I draw the line on things.’

‘Close friends and family understand , I don’t understand it all. We are all learning. I feel I am always trying to explain myself, this injured brain keeps catching me out.’

‘Since having a brain injury I don’t have any friends. So I’m thinking my answer here is no. They don’t understand. Except my dad. He’s the only one who gets what I’m going through.’

‘That would be a big NO. Nor do they want to or try to which is heartbreaking for me. No support whatsoever.’


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