#MarchMeetTheMaker 2017

#MarchMeetTheMaker is a daily Instagram challenge done every March. I posted a daily photo to InstagramFacebook and Twitter relating to the prompt of that day and tagged it with #MarchMeetTheMaker.

I really enjoyed this challenge, it was a nice way for everyone to find out more about me and Alphabet Brains. I spoke about what inspires me, why I do Alphabet Brains, more about my brain injury as well as personal things outside of Alphabet Brains like my cat and my tea addiction.

I think my favourite one was ‘Why I do this’:

‘I do it for brain injury survivors everywhere who are struggling, feeling alone, need advice, are unsure of what’s happening to them and need people in their lives who know exactly what they’re going through. It’s a long, confusing, frustrating, upsetting and lonely world after a brain injury and I want to lessen these feelings. Especially as I went through all of them completely alone after my brain injury… It’s the reason I started Alphabet Brains. I know how horrible it is and if I can help people to not feel these feelings OR have other brain injury survivors to talk to who understands those feelings then I’m happy and so are the people who have been helped! Just knowing you’re not alone is such a big help. I see Alphabet Brains as a form of therapy for survivors, including myself. Thank you everyone!’

Because March was Brain Injury Awareness Month it made me realise how important the work I do is. It’s become my full time job now and I am so grateful for that. I’m especially grateful for you–The brain injury survivors who made that happen, you’ve turned Alphabet Brains into an amazing community! I’m also grateful of the support I get off my boyfriend Stephen, he was mentioned in #MarchMeetTheMaker as ‘Helper’ (He’s the smiley happy juice box thumbnail, or read about him here)

Click on the thumbnails to see the descriptions:


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