#BrainQA · How did you brain injury happen?

How did your brain injury happen? Part 8: Attacks

This is part eight of the fourteenth #BrainQA: How did you get your brain injury? There was a whopping 300+ answers, thank you so much for answering everyone! I spilt the answers into categories

‘An assault from a person suffering from PTSD service related.’

‘I was attacked from behind by an inmate who stopped taking his psych meds. My boss thought I was crazy. Sixteen times to the head and face. I was saved by an inmate who I hired on a gut instinct. He had zero experience but he wanted to work. Pretty lucky I hired him.’

‘The freeway has a lane that will merge you on to it. Well two guys didn’t like that I merged so they ran me off the road and beat me to death except I didn’t die but that’s why they stopped. Cut my ear off and gave me a TBI! Houston’s number one city for road rage!’

‘Jumped from behind with a ball bat’

‘He was assaulted as he asked neighbors to turn down music so our children could sleep. Our daughter, aged eleven saw the whole thing. She called 911 and got her brother to a safe neighbor’

‘I got the hell beat out of me. Had bleeding in my brain. Now I have nerve damage in my brain it makes me black out.’

‘Gang attack. Fractured skull, craniotomy and cranioplasty.’

‘Gang bashed at a bar and years of abuse’

‘Brass knuckles’

I was attacked at work by a patient. Pushed and fell hitting head multiple times.’

‘My husband was attacked in a home invasion and almost beaten to death. Amongst a list of horrendous injuries, he had a fractured skull and was beaten around the head with a sharp rock needing over forty stitches in his scalp.’
​Was assaulted’

‘Robbery, saving wife from a man who took a swing at her’

‘Attacked by bandits while living in the bush in Tanzania East Africa for seven years.’


‘I was assaulted by two of my students, who hit me several times on the head with books. I had had previous concussions and this one did me in permanently, as in I will now always have certain issues, but I am healing. Namaste.’

‘Jumped in a bar’

‘Attacked by a Special Needs student who’s diagnosis of autism and childhood history of trauma has proven to be a hell of a combination…almost two years out and I continue to work every day to try to rewire/retrain my vision/brain’

I am a recovering addict , 10 yrs clean on 12-25-17 , to be exact. On Aug 3rd 2007 I went to score my drug of choice in a very shady neighborhood. I was riding a motorcycle w no helmet that was not running right. There was about 30 more people in the area than usual . I rolled up to a guy standing on the corner and asked for my drugs. He said “let me see the money ” . I reached in my pocket for my money and thats when a metal pipe hit me upside the head. I fell forward. I managed to get my wallet back in my pocket. The bike would not start. And came along another blow to the head. To make a long story short. I pushed the bike , in spurts , while fighting off my attackers. I made it 2 blocks., before I collapsed with blood filling my eyes. They were building a cement block building near where I lay. The EMT came to my room shortly after I came out of the coma. They told me people were picking up the cinder blocks and smashing them in my head as I lay unconscious . I latter learned it was a gang called the Cripts, initiation day. To get into this gang , the prospects need to kill somebody according to the detectives. I am a miracle to be alive. I may have a TBI , and it sucks, but I am alive. Peace, David Brown.’

‘Got attacked at daycare when I was one year eleven months by neo Nazi white supremacists’

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