#BrainQA, Question 9: Who do you talk to the most about your brain injury?

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The following answers are users from facebook, twitter and instagram, thank you everyone for answering!

Who do you talk to the most about your brain injury?

I talk to my boyfriend of just over four years the most about my brain injury. He’s around me more than anyone else I know so he really understands and sees me struggling.

No. Most folks just don’t care or understand. So I just hope I am not an idiot, but fit in the best I can. Plus avoid many things and people.’

‘My hubby, (I think he’s bored of it though), my sister, my mum, the cat, lots of brain talks going on!’

‘My daughter.’

‘My dad’s been there to listen from day one.’

‘I don’t really talk about it much now. If I question anything, I ask my dad! x’

‘My neuro psychologist as my family love it everyday!’


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