Brain Injury Bloggers

My Jumbled Brain – ‘I’m a blogger who writes about my brain injury. Forgive the odd typo but I hope my site will help others with brain injury on their journey’

My Bruised Brain – ‘Helping You Find Acceptance and Purpose After Brain Injury’

Life After a Brain Injury – ‘Brain injury is like a puzzle, all the pieces are there but not necessarily in the right order’

Braingirl and Next doors cat – ‘A look at Traumatic Brain Injury through the eyes of braingirl and her sidekick Next Doors Cat. Expect seriousness, stuff to think about and a small measure of silliness too. Born from a desire to use recovery from TBI and subsequent comorbid consequences in a more positive way. It’s a peek at the truly devastating and enlightening process of a sudden and life threatening traumatic experience. The bit that never featured in your plans but came knocking anyway.’

Broken Brain, Brilliant Mind – ‘Since 2008, I have been sharing my experiences with recovering from multiple traumatic brain injuries to live a full and healthy life once again.’

TBI TMI Blog – ‘A Little Too Much Information About Personal Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery’

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