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I’m Still Here.

This is my longest break from Alphabet Brains and not what I had planned when lockdown first happened in March. I’m still here, I didn’t want to leave the year without letting you all know and saying hello.

I had plans to be positive during lockdown, but I’ve been struggling with my brain injury and all the negative thoughts people have said over the years seem to have played a big part in that, I can’t stop overthinking everything about myself and my brain. 

I was positive at first, with my live videos of the things I’d made during lockdown (wow, that seems like so long ago). Then I pulled my bike out of retirement which lifted me up, I did defeat that hill and so much more until the end of September.

My last bike ride: Cycled from home, up the fire roads toward Meikle Bin, hiked my bike to the summit then cycled back home! 40 miles and elevation gained? A crazy 4,043ft!

I had to stop cycling because my things were all over the place then I hurt my back. Since then I have been living behind my sewing machine, with piles of wool, knitting needles and cross-stitch projects beside me. I’ll be back out on the bike soon, whatever the weather (thank you thermals).

All this time away has been spent focusing on trying to ignore those thoughts mentioned above and getting on with my life as much as humanly possible during these crazy times.

Crafting, especially these past few months has given me focus, given me my creativity back and I look forward to the day ahead and what I’m going to make. 

I feel like everyone who follows me understands why this long break was needed and perhaps you yourself are struggling? Honestly, how are you doing? Let me know by commenting below or sending a message on:

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