Survivors' Stories

Emily’s Story

Written by Emily who also runs “I created this blog to share the valuable lessons I learned, and continue to learn, while struggling with a brain injury. I write blog posts to inspire hope for other survivors. We are immensely capable individuals despite our disadvantages. Be encouraged; we have a unique purpose in this… Continue reading Emily’s Story

Brain Training

Lumosity: A Brain Training App

If you’ve read the latest post, Jamie’s Q&A you’ll learn that she uses Lumosity every day. Lumosity is a brain training game that is created by scientists and game designers. It is an excellent way to train your brain, to keep your brain active and to see the progress your brain is making along the way.… Continue reading Lumosity: A Brain Training App

Guest Blogs

Jamie’s Story – Q&A

Do you remember Jamie’s amazing story of how her right brain stem made her entire right side paralysed and how through recovery she gained movement back and is now snowboarding again? Well, after talking for a while via email we agreed to do a Q&A. For such a long story of recovery and motivation her… Continue reading Jamie’s Story – Q&A