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End of Year Wrap Up & Chat and 21 Things I’m Proud of In 2021

Welcome! Happy New Year everyone, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and NYE. This post is the first of many as I’m back to my usual routine with Alphabet Brains, I’m very sorry for neglecting it and you! Life got in the way massively, especially the year 2021… I thought you guys would understand more than most and I thought I would let you know why I’ve been away.

I turned to my crafting when lockdown happened and even more so last year, it’s been an awful year but I sat down to do this video (on my crafting YouTube) and realised that it was actually a a great year! I really do appreciate the little moments in life that make life “not awful”.

Keeping this post short and sweet as I talk a lot in this video, weekly #BrainQA will be coming back and I’m going to focus on survivor stories and advice for life after a brain injury.

I hope you enjoy the video, let me know how your year was! I’d love to know how you’re getting on.

Speak to you all soon!

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