#BrainQA, Question 7: Do you have or would you get a tattoo to represent your brain injury?

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Do you have or would you get a tattoo to represent your brain injury?

I recently got my first tattoo, it’s not brain injury related though (it’s awesome moom and snuh by @rubyetc_ and I’m completely in love with it) I’m considering getting a tattoo that represents my brain injury but have NO idea what to get (no to green ribbons for me I’m just not a fan of them) Do you guys have or would you get a tattoo to represent your brain injury?

‘No I don’t think so. I do have a pandora bracelet with charms representing my ‘brain journey ‘ so far: re a tortoise, hare ( as in the story of the tortoise & hare, so I am now plodding along but I win the race in the end), I have a crown, representing the queen, I had my operation on her 90th birthday celebration weekend, her pictures of the celebrations all over England was all I could look at for weeks after the operation and brought me lots of comfort, I wrote to her and I got a reply too! A heart for family support. I am looking for a brain or something similar next’

‘Yes I would’

‘I got my battle scars or badge of courage from my injury!’

‘I want to get what I guess falls under the category of “green ribbon”. The outline of the ribbon and watercolour style spots of green, white (invisible illness), and purple (hemiplegia)’

‘I would! I really wanna get one but just don’t know what yet!!xxx’

‘A guardian angel!’

‘I’d love to, I’m not sure what I would get for it though. I’m not into the ribbon for myself either.’

‘Yes! I am still contemplating what I want. Definitely want a brain and incorporate artist, creative elements.’

‘I have three but two are old and I want them gone. Lol. One is of mother and child, got it after divorce. I would like to get TBI related 1’

‘I have a tattoo in the left side of my neck that says HOPE but the H is done with a green ribbon for my TBI’


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