#BrainQA · How did you brain injury happen?

How did you brain injury happen? Part 11: Bangs on the head

This is part eleven of the fourteenth #BrainQA: How did you get your brain injury? There was a whopping 300+ answers, thank you so much for answering everyone! I spilt the answers into categories

‘I passed out and banged my head on the toilet!’

‘I dropped a 750mm glass bottle of Balsamic Vinegar on the top of my head… the bottle didn’t break, no brain bleed—my life changed immediately’

‘Buying a bed for my daughter. The wood railings in an eight foot box weighing 50lbs fell from loading dock onto the top of my head from a height of thirteen feet…. Closed ABI, long term post concussion, misc chronic pain and headaches’

‘I got hit in the forehead with a softball’

 ‘Walked full force into a big wooden plank under the Cocoa Beach Pier. Only two months ago. No insurance. All sorts of symptoms. Life changing.’

‘1998: Walked into a pole as a stupid eight year old. Hit it so hard that I was thrown into the street, into the gutter’

‘Head butted by a very large (17 hands+) horse.’

‘A forklift driver dropped a load on my head as he was loading me. I then fell backwards and hit my head again ending up with a closed head injury and TBI’

‘Construction accident.’

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