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11th June 2013: Blogging After A Brain Injury (Before Alphabet Brains)

This is one of many blog posts that will follow my journey from private blogging after my brain injury to starting Alphabet Brains. You can read my previous post on Advice On Journaling After a Brain Injury if you’re interested in writing about your experiences. In that post I say that I feel like everyone should write (brain injury or not) as it’s a great form of therapy.

From my private blog, every week I’ll be sharing a post in chronological order (before Alphabet Brains) because it’s important to look back and see how far you’ve come. Even if you aren’t in the early days, it could be years after your brain injury and you can start writing… We’re always making little improvements and when you write about them, you see them. 

So, this was the first post I wrote on 11th June 2013, four months after my brain injury:

11th June 2013

‘I don’t know why but tonight I had the urge to draw/paint from the photographs of me in hospital. This is the first thing I drew, I was going to draw the entire thing but I thought it worked just like this. I didn’t feel anything whilst I was doing it, I thought I would at least feel something like sadness or like I wouldn’t want to do it.

I switched off and was serious, I just wanted to draw. Although, I couldn’t stop staring at the photograph because of my face expression in it. I look sad but also blank. The fact I don’t remember anything from this time helps me I think. 

I’m going to do more – more detailed ones. This was just a little drawing to get me back into drawing something else other than just found stuff and I didn’t want to draw something that meant nothing to me.’

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