#BrainQA · How did you brain injury happen?

How did your brain injury happen? Part 4: Sports

This is part four of the fourteenth #BrainQA: How did your brain injury happen? There was a whopping 300+ answers, thank you so much for answering everyone! I spilt the answers into categories

Landed on my head from 15ft in the air at 40mph in full safety gear racing BMX at age forty one’

‘My son’s was long boarding accident and roommate putting him to bed. Then not noticing he was in a coma with blood coming out his ear for two days.’

‘Horse riding accident almost nine years ago. I don’t remember the day of the accident or the eight weeks after it. Though I was in an induced coma for over 3 of those weeks.’

’35ft cliff on a dirt bike that didn’t have brakes. 10/10/1990′

‘Seven years ago I was riding on an ATV with a friend. She made a sharp left turn going about 35 to 40mph. I was thrown off and hit the asphalt head first.’


‘Riding a horse bareback under a clothesline, clothesline snapped and landed on me. 1.5 years ago’

‘Hockey accident’

‘I was a professional freestyle motocross rider. Under-rotated a 75 foot backflip and got thrown head first over the handlebars’

‘BMX accident. Riding a big ramp and don’t remember coming down’

‘Side x side accident’

Skiing accident’

‘ATV accident’

‘Skateboarding at night into city park on the path. Bright night and entrance was well lit. Entered tunnel of trees & completely blinded by darkness. Don’t know what happened. Never mind the first few months, but was left with right occipital skull fracture to the rear base at the spine, right rear concussion, left frontal lobe contusion, left temporal lobe contusion, brain abrasions, subdural hematoma, c3-c7 pinched nerves, bulging discs, degenerative discs & same through L spine. About as far as we got with MRI’s. Oh yeah, it was all in a closed head injury, so head turned green & swollen enough to look like an alien head, so I’ve been told.’

‘ATV accident’

‘I was in an ATV accident a week before I was supposed to start kindergarten. My coma, as a result of hitting an apple tree head on, lasted twenty days.’

‘My son was sixteen and had a motocross/dirt bike accident. He had two EEG’s and no brain activity; talk of organ donation was quietly whispered. Dr said “We have done all we can do”, God said “now watch what I can do!” My son is a true 21st century miracle! Jeran’s story for God’s glory!’


‘My brain injury happened twenty one years ago next month. I was out riding my bike with a friend and wasn’t wearing a helmet when I somehow hit my friends bike, flipped over the handle bars and landed on the pavement. I ended up with a fractured skull with a subdural hematoma and a fractured eye socket..’

‘I was fifteen and testing my friends new push bike. I was only going to be on it for a minute so I didn’t wear a helmet. She was running along side me but when she stopped the pedal hit her leg and the bike stopped too – I didn’t. I hit a speed bump head first. I was unconscious for a couple of days, and didn’t know who I was or anyone around me for three more days – I had a lot of hallucinations though. Rats on the ceiling, a wolf guarding my door, protecting me. I didn’t know who my friend was, but I knew ‘Helen’s phone number’ (her number – weird). I got two more concussions in different accidents in the following months which I’m sure didn’t help.’

‘Solo bike accident. Riding around campus on a “study break”

‘I was on a cycle ride in the countryside with two friends. I don’t remember what happened but I’d gone ahead and they found me lying in a heap unconscious. No one knows what happened to me. I was unconscious for four days in hospital and initially paralysed apart from my right hand.’

‘Cycling accident’

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