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Jamie’s Story

Written by Jamie

My Story:

JamiJamiee was ranked 2 overall in the world at world tour finals, WSI, in Whistler, Canada.

After Jamie’s first run she was in 4th, but she wanted to get on that podium. So she upgraded her flat 3 (off axis grabbed back flip) to a double flat 7 (off axis grabbed double back flip)

Jamie had become the first female in the world to land a double flip in 2013 at X-Games with a double back flip and now she wanted that double flat 7.

But she under rotated, caught her edge, and whip lashed her head into the snow. Jamie started convulsing, her brain was bleeding in eight spots and she slipped into a coma.

She had to get intubated on the slope, get air pumped into her lungs because she had stopped breathing. After she left in the helicopter her first response started filling out her fatality report. But she lived! In the Vancouver ICU she became the test for a medical advancement and became the first person in all of North America to be treated with an oxygen analysing brain bolt. She went in a Lear jet, still in a coma eight days after injury to Intermountain Hospital in Salt Lake City.

On the 10th day she pulled out of the coma and the recovery process began. She had hurt her right brain stem so her entire right side was paralysed, but Jamie was very silly, goofy, ambitious and happy. She recovered leaps and bounds every single day. Her jokes even came back before her mind came back!

One year after Jamie’s accident she was invited by the Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival to come back to Whistler. She went back having skied all winter, with her right arm equal to her left, and no permanent brain damage.

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