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Why did I start Alphabet Brains?

I had brain surgery over 3 years ago now (21st February 2013) and I still haven’t come to terms with it, I’ve felt alone in my recovery even with all the therapy I had (and am still having)

I really don’t want survivors to feel like this! I want to bring them together and make a community where people feel open and comfortable enough to talk about what is troubling them.

Sometimes it’s so hard talking to people who haven’t had brain surgery. They don’t seem to understand and I feel like they don’t care or that I’m just rambling at them. I want this to change, I feel like people need to know what life is like after a brain injury. Just like any other hidden illness (or hidden disability) we can look ok. it.does.not.mean.that.we.are.

I have blogged about my surgery and the recovery progress on my personal blog since my accident but I had a sudden realisation that this needed to go more public. Awareness is slowly getting out there, what with My Beautiful Broken Brain and Louis Theroux’s Documentary A Different Brain but these are over very quickly and sometimes the discussion of them are too – a new documentary comes along that makes these fade into the distance.

I’d like to see ongoing discussions, conversations and stories that can be shared over the magic that is the internet. I am so excited for people to learn about Alphabet Brains!


Survivors can also submit their stories to help raise awareness and get the discussions started.

If you’d like to read my blog posts from the past 3 years just click here. 14cm is the size of my scar hence the Tumblr title. The first post I made after my surgery was a photograph of a drawing…how perfect. Enjoy looking and let me know what you think!

I also did a review of My Beautiful Broken Brain that turned into a very personal blog post, which will may be interesting to read too. Read it here

I have yet to do a Louis Theroux one. I love that man and all his documentaries so I am a little afraid to do a review of him in case he reads it and think it’s badly written! haha. watch this space though…

I’m also off to Northgate Hospital tomorrow for another psychiatrist appointment so I’ll be doing a blog post about that. Again, watch this space…

Let’s get this thing going! Share this blog, this website and like Alphabet Brains on facebook, twitter and instagram.

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