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It’s OK Not To Be OK

‘And while I’m alive, I’ll make tiny changes to earth’

On the 14th July I was listening to the new Frightened Rabbit album, Tiny Changes: A Celebration of Frightened Rabbit’s ‘The Midnight Organ Fight’ and these lyrics from the song Head Rolls Off hit me… This is the reason I started Alphabet Brains. I survived my accident, my brain surgery and now I live with this brain injury so I can make tiny changes to the lives of those affected with brain injury, so I can make tiny changes to raise awareness of brain injury and to make tiny changes to earth just in my day-to-day life such as always being kind to strangers because they could be going through anything.

14th July is an important date because this is an apology blog post, or more of an explanation as to why I’ve been so quiet on here lately. 

I’ve been working at Headway Glasgow for almost a year and a half now. I originally ran the Art group. However, the past few months I’ve also been helping out in the Drop In group and when I first started I thought it was just people going to play games, but it’s so much more than that. 

I come home from work and want to forget about brain injury but I can’t because I live with someone. I want to forget about brain injury in my day-to-day life but I can’t because of Alphabet Brains notifications that remind me of the good I’m doing… They’re a tiny change to my mood, a tiny pick me up and a reminder that I need to keep going and share with you this struggle I’m going through at the moment because I know you understand.

The truth is that life is hard post brain injury and that should be shared.

How are you doing? This is an apology/explanation blog post but it’s also a message to you that it’s OK not to be OK.

Unaware I was being photographed. My actual expression/thinking face before my attention was captured along with the go to classic smile for the camera look

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