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Her Legs and Her Brain

This is the face of someone who tried and failed to climb a hill on her bike, this English person living in Scotland sees the word hill but really hills in Scotland are mountains. However she wasn’t put of, her mum has always called her tenacious and it’s shown these past seven weeks and the 243 miles she’s cycled. She’s tenacious and will try the mountain again, she’s tenacious and is currently saving for a lighter bike (a gravel bike). She didn’t mean to fall in love with cycling like this, it just happened. Like most things in life, the things you don’t plan turn out to be the best things. She loves how cycling makes her switch off but at the same time turns her mind on to the beauty of the world we all live in. She loves how cycling has made her love her body and its strength, her legs and her brain: The two strongest things about her. She loves how she’s managed to plan routes, (kind of) learn how to read maps… She wouldn’t be her if she didn’t get a little lost. She’s currently sat contemplating in the sun looking forward to the month ahead and the tenacious challenge she’s set herself of cycling A-Z of Scotland, pushing those legs to the Scottish Highlands to enjoy whisky on her 30th birthday at the G location… Glengoyne Distillery.

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