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”Has anyone ever reached out to you?”

I was at Northgate Hospital on Friday visiting my psychiatrist from the Northumberland Head Injuries Team. We were talking about my personal blog which I use mainly to write about my injury. I write about anything that pops into my head, my recovery process (which is still in progress) all the appointments I’ve had, photos – basically anything related to my injury.

He then asked me “Has anyone ever reached out to you?” (Which, no they hadn’t)

This question made me feel that Alphabet Brains was going to work and become a great thing, it was a little confirmation in my head. With my personal blog I hadn’t tried to reach people, or get the posts seen I was just writing to make myself feel better. Even now if I’ve been stuck in a rut for a few days, feeling sorry for myself because I’m fed up of having fatigue I’ll sit and write. It makes me feel so much better.

You can read my personal blog posts here if you want to. My accident was February 21st 2013 but my first post wasn’t until July 11th 2013. This was because I was kind of abandoned by the hospital and wasn’t seen for follow up appointments until July (more on this later) I was looking through them all the other day and it was only then that I realised how many things I’d posted! It was great to look back and see how much had changed and how far I’ve come in terms of recovery. I sometimes forget that I’m making progress, the bad days often seem to out weigh the good days.





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