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Are other Brain Injury Bloggers/Websites your competitors or is it a community?

Brain Injury Bloggers United?

A friend asked me this a while ago and it’s a great question. We had a good discussion about it and I’d like to share my thoughts with you.

I went into Alphabet Brains with only these goals: help people and raise awareness on brain injury.

So when I was asked this question I had to pause and think for a while. I don’t see it as competition, but at the same time it is as there are other bloggers and websites that are very similar to mine… Well identical to be honest.

However in terms of what Alphabet Brains and other brain injury awareness websites/brain injury bloggers do it’s not seen as competition because we all work together to build a large online community.

I submitted my brain injury story to and at the end of my post I mentioned my website. My Bruised Brain did the same. Are we working together or are we working for ourselves? I think together. After all, we want as many people out there as possible aware of brain injury. If we saw it as competition it would defeat the point of everything we do and it would be almost impossible to build a community.

What do you think?

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