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Focusing On The Positives When Living With A Brain Injury

“It sounds weird but having a brain injury is one of the best things that happened to me…”

I grew up

I look after myself better

I don’t let people walk over me anymore… I stand up for myself

I only have people in my life that truly care about me

I have cut people out of my life that don’t truly care me and it feels so good

I have a calm life… My family always say “No drama with Naomi”, life really is too short

I understand how beautiful life is (even the little moments, actually… Especially the little moments)

I am more confident

I walk with my held high, a slight smile… My little ‘I survived death’ secret VS the whole miserable world

Music speaks to me more, lyrics speak to me more

I am kinder

I am nicer to strangers, they could be going through anything

I like myself, I embrace myself, I understand myself more than I did before

I like being alone. I went abroad for a week by myself, I would never have done that before… Being alone without TV or other people to distract me, to be alone with my thoughts (apart from the times I was reading) did me the world of good

I have limited energy but I use that to benefit myself and my life, before doing something I think ‘Is it worth my energy?’

I am teaching art, five year old me is proud, I am proud and I know my Art teacher from school who knew I had something special is extremely proud

I have a 14cm scar that I see every time my hair is in a towel, it’s a nice reminder of what I went through and of what I survived

I am running a brain injury blog and community, I am helping others with brain injury, I am raising brain injury awareness… I am helping others

I share the ins and outs of my personal life in public and online… And it doesn’t scare me (well, it scares me sometimes when I share very personal blog posts but that’s a good thing)

What are some positives or your brain injury life?

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