#BrainQA · How did you brain injury happen?

How did your brain injury happen? Part 10: Falls

This is part ten of the fourteenth #BrainQA: How did your brain injury happen? There was a whopping 300+ answers, thank you so much for answering everyone! I spilt the answers into sections: Domestic violencesportspoisoning, epilepsy, army accidents and medical mistakes, infections and diseases, sportsmultiple brain injuries, shaken baby syndrome, road traffic accidents, suicide attempts, bangs on the headbrain tumour surgeries. I’ll be sharing one category a day!

‘I too fell down some stairs. I was found almost dead.’

​’Firefighter/Paramedic. Fell twenty six feet through a burning house. Full bunker gear. Right frontal lobe injury. Multiple fractured bones. 726 Hospital days. Survived. Grateful everyday.’

I was working as a lineman in Montana and I fell off of power pole. I fell 65ft causing my brain injury, tore my bicep off my shoulder, both leg muscle off my hips’

‘I fell 26ft. Through a roof and hit my head on a pipe.’

‘Fell down the stairs at home, also ended up with a few fractures after hitting a cabinet’

‘Slipped backwards on ice’

Kid stuff. Fooling around in a tree and wind was blowing it around, I lost my grip. Three stories down into the dirt, landed on a root. Was out for at least a week. This was 1968. Still have ticks and issues’

‘My hubs wasn’t wearing a helmet and slipped on ice trying to start a snowmobile. Fractured skull, ruptured ear drum complete hearing loss in that ear, broken scapula, seizures, head pressure, bleeding on the brain, sigh etc. Jan will be six years. He’s made an outstanding recovery considering.’

‘Fell on black ice in a driveway’

‘Fell off a ladder at work’

‘Smacked my head on a parking curb the concrete ones fractured my skull and ended up with bleeding on brain so had my skull cut front to back all the way around to above my left ear….’

‘Fell off a ladder and later had a headache, then three days later fell into a coma! Years later wrote/published the book, My Miracle (found on most websites and now working on making a movie called, MY MIRACLE).’

‘Just a fall, which resulted in a bleed on the brain, was in a coma for ten days, now got a plate in my head as they had to take half my skull away’

‘I fell down some unsafe stairs and fractured my skull and had a brain bleed…I had to be helicoptered to hospital. I have memory loss, taste and smell basically gone and my Fibro is 3 times worse, balance issues, depression, anxiety just to name a few but, as they say, I’m still here’

‘I fell down the stairs too!’

‘In the last forty five minutes of work the step ladder tipped over. I hit the concrete foundation and ended up with two skull fractures, a subdural 2 epidural, blown ear drum and fractured cheek. That was in 2002 a day before my daughter’s 8th birthday. Who would think a 5′ fall could do that much damage.’

‘I fainted and hit my head on a concrete floor in a hospital ironically.’

‘Hello. Our 3 year old had a fall on a farm in country and is now 11. He has had a long recovery but is doing way better now we have multiple therapies happening. I highly recommend the things we have done if anyone would like to heal from the crazy trauma we have all gone through. Very touching to read the posts of other dear souls’

‘Rollerskating with my 7 year old in 2009…. actually was walking on the carpet down an incline and my feet went out from under me. Everyone heard my head hit the ground. Brain bleed resulting in brain surgery a month later.’

‘I passed out & hit the OR tile floor due to low blood pressure while scrubbing in a surgery.’

‘I hit my head from a trip and fall.’

‘Fall is mine’

‘September 2014, tripped in the kitchen and head first into the kitchen floor. Dual TBI on the right and left frontal lobe.’

‘Mine was minor in comparison. I got thrown over a fence from a horse. Knocked unconscious. Concussion and sub arachnid bleed. Doing well now, though still having memory issues.’

‘I fell 35 feet off a cliff while hiking.’

‘Fell down a flight of stairs’

‘I fell off the side of my husband’s truck some how and hit my head. 3/1/2015’

‘My mom fell down a flight of stairs into a cement wall (2001)’

‘I fell backwards off the kitchen sink onto the back of my head. I fractured my skull and badly bruised my brain’

‘Fell at nurses station slipped on some water’

‘Slipped on food in the cafeteria when I was picking up a group of very special education students for speech therapy.’

‘Fell and hit my head.’

‘Crashed down stairs at home. Impacted head on hardwood. Broke ribs and back’

‘Fell Christmas morning 2011 over side of stairs. No rail or banister straight down 15ft hitting a ledge with the back left side of my head’

‘Washing a floor. Slipped and hit my head. Bounced a couple of times. This led to stroke some time later. Three years of rehab.’

‘Fell when I was four trying to balance on a sardine can, fell off the can and head went into side of the can.’

‘Running down a water slide that was on one of the main streets in my city, slipped and fell flat onto my back smacking my head with full force on the road. I was knocked out then a group of about 3 people came down behind me and smashed into the top of my head.. then the ambulance crew put me onto the transfer boards and didn’t clip them up properly, picked me up and I fell through the middle and landed on my head again.’

‘Fell off the back of golf cart while closing camp. Was in coma for about twenty one days.’

‘Dropped free fall thirty-five feet on rocks that came loose while hiking and suffered a concave skull fracture, among other injuries.’

I slipped on ice and fell backwards on the sidewalk.’

‘Work scaffolding fell twelve metres onto my head and I fell head first into concrete floor. Among other injuries.’

‘Running on a wet floor = airborne, free fall face plant.’

‘I was volunteering to restore a moving rolling bench. I fell over it and my head hit the cement floor. No help from voluntary group shit’






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