#BrainQA, Question 22: How are your dreams since your brain injury? Do you remember them?

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‘Too real. Almost hard to know reality from dreams. In the beginning, I dreamt I was working and be so exhausted in the morning from working all night with nothing to show for it. It was very discouraging.’

‘At first I did not dream at all. Then I think I had flash backs because I would be jolted up awake but never remember what caused it and now I have these dreams that feel like reality but when I wake up I don’t remember much of them. I don’t feel rested because of them.’

‘Post crash, I have them almost every night. Sometimes I remember portions of them sometimes they slip away when I awaken.’

‘I rarely remember my dreams but I have had a couple remembered in recent years – accident was in 2014.’

‘I’m 5 years out, … I didn’t think I dreamed anymore … BUT!… I found that when I was “startled” awake I would realized that I had been dreaming, when I woke slowly I couldn’t recall dreaming, … I think it’s like ? …making a cup of coffee and forgetting to put the cup under the coffee maker, or walking in the other room and forgetting why you’re there!… I think the slow wake process is just long enough to “forget” … that you WERE dreaming’

‘I don’t dream at all since TBI 2015, have always wondered about this’

‘I didn’t dream for three years post TBI, then started having vivid dreams. The neuro said that’s a significant sign that my brain is improving’

‘ I don’t know about dreams but I sleep like a log since I had my stroke!’

‘Yes I do remember them. Always a sub conscious thought that makes the dream so I pay attention’

‘Night terrors and little sleep unless I take meds – cannabis. Now dreaming is rare but I’ll take this over night terrors and heavy duty prescription sleep meds.’

‘Oh yeah led a 2nd life in my dreams, have to take sleeping meds’

‘Before my accident I would dream every night and remember most of them. It was like I was half awake and they were real. Since my accident in 2012, I sleep really deeply and don’t recall having dreams at all.. I miss my dreams’

‘I have them but can’t really recall them now that often.
Pre TBI early 2015 I had a recurring nightmare that I was going to get seriously hurt carrying a gift bag. I told 2 separate people about my nightmares.
The day of receiving my TBI 16.4.15, I met a friend for lunch and she gave me a gift bag of presents for my children from another friend. I went white apparently but still took the bag. Was hit by a car walking across a pedestrian crossing (green light for us both) after work that same day. Both friends separately told me the same nightmare that I had told them.
Didn’t recall any dream for 9 months after coming out of 3 week coma and 21 days post traumatic amnesia but the first dream I did recall was that I walked into a door and hurt my head.’

‘ I only have nightmares now. Flashbacks and nightmares.’

‘And still remember them but not all night long’

‘Yes and my online business can make them come true still… and more. I feel very blessed… other than singing in a band again…’

‘Terrible, vivid, sometimes frightening. Never feel like I’ve had a proper rested sleep.’

‘For about the first 5 minutes after waking, usually. Then poof. Once in a blue moon, one sticks with me all day.’

‘Nightmares nightly 🙁 Hydroxyzine has helped me with my sleep and anxiety.’

‘It feels like I dream all night and don’t actually go into a deep sleep. For about 5 minutes after I wake up, I’m confused about if things actually happened. Fortunately, these dreams are usually related to texting or phone calls so I can check my phone if I’m really unsure.’

‘NO! And my wife says I dream, because I’ve talked in my sleep.’

‘I recently had a creepy dream. I haven’t driven since my AVM ruptured. And I dreamed I drove into our driveway, and I seen a creepy little girl by our front yard light. I saw her in my headlights as I was pulling into the driveway.’

‘I can’t remember them now.’

‘I rarely dream anymore. I used to dream every night it is very weird but kinda makes sense too’

‘I have terrible nightmares and get medicine for it because it was so bad. I would screen, cry, kick and hide in a corner of the bedroom’

‘I mostly do… dreams have got weirder since having a baby!’

‘I have no recall of them now’


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