#BrainQA, Question 16: Do you like talking about your brain injury?

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The following answers are users from facebook, twitter and instagram, thank you everyone for answering!

Do you like talking about your brain injury?

‘ES! I want to be in schools. Show today’s know it all youth, drinking and driving DESTROYS! Only by the grace of God am I still here. 3 month coma, 8 surgeries. Dr.’s gave me zero chance. Wrote: Patient not expected to survive. Caught a nasty case of pneumonia. NEVER DO THIS!’

‘I have barely talked about anything else for two years!’

‘I try to keep my Disability hushed and don’t tell the general public. My thoughts are; One will NEVER KNOW what’s its like to lose so much and keep pushing through while still try to stay afloat on SSDI.’

I’m not sure I “like” talking about it but I’m not afraid to talk about it.’

‘Not all the time.. but I think its healthy to’

‘Yes because people need to understand and pay closer attention to their family members. They could have a brain injury, but think they’re just getting forgetful.’


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