Apple’s Brain Injury Emoji: An Illustration

A little drawing I did of Apple’s brain injury emoji. I thought it would be perfect for our community!


I’ve been asking on FacebookInstagram and Twitter what everyone thinks of it:

• Do you use it regularly?

• Does it offend you?

• Is it just another emoji that gets lost with all the others?

One of my favourite comments on it is ‘I love it! It is cute yet shows that we are hurt also.’ How perfect.

Just like me, most people didn’t know this emoji existed until now. It’s nice that something related to brain injury is included in Apple’s wide variety of emojis. Brain injury awareness is out there… It’s just hard to find sometimes.

What are your opinions on it? Comment below or join the discussion on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and follow for regular updates!

Update: You can now also buy it as a badge!


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