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A Timetable For My Life; Brain Injury Advice

Stephen: What are you doing?

Me: Making a timetable for my life

I said this with all seriousness because the past few weeks my mind and life have been all over the place. There are so many hours in the day and I feel like I’m wasting them. I’ve been told many times “You need to plan your days better“, but I did that cliche thing of ignoring the person who’s giving me advice, struggling for a while then coming to the realisation by myself, that yes, I do need to plan my days better.

I should have done this months ago because we got a puppy back in May (more on that regret later…), I’ve recently started to work from home by re-selling clothes on eBay and I’ve been going back to the gym. All of this means I’ve been neglecting Alphabet Brains, which makes me sad. Time to sort my life and Alphabet Brains out.

I have so many ideas in my mind, in notes on my phone, on bits of paper and I need to put them all into one place. I need to take more photographs @alphabetbrains Instagram is bland, I need to publish at least one blog post a week, start doing #BrainQA every week again and I need to start doing TinyLetter again.

So, what’s the plan?

I’ve set aside time for resting which means hopefully I will relax and at the same time be productive. I’ll knit more, read more (I’ve just ordered Henry Marsh’s new book Admissions in preparation for this) and draw more. Resting is so important and I should never forget this… I’ve found myself doing eBay late into the night when I should be relaxing (or sleeping!) I’ve found myself getting overwhelmed by housework which means the house just gets messier and I’ve found myself napping too late which means once I’m awake and sorted it’s too late to go to the gym.

I’ve also set aside a whole hour in the morning for myself (and a few minutes for the animals) because lately I’ve been getting up and doing too much straight away. Which means I tire easier… I need to ease into my day, I need to take the time to wake up and I need to start my day properly. I always tell others to put themselves first if something is wrong with them and I need to follow that advice more. I even put on my timetable ‘Nap when needed. You don’t have to follow the timetable if tired‘.

It may look like I’ve set myself too many goals but at the same time I don’t think I have. I feel like it’s the right amount and because it’s planned out to perfection (it’s on card, come on… I have to stick to it…) I think it’s manageable. It will certainly be better than what I was doing before.

I’ll write another blog post next week to let you know how I got on and as mentioned above I’ll take photos and share my progress. Expect lots of cups of tea and knitting photos.

Do you have a timetable? Do you think a timetable will help? Let me know by commenting below, tweeting me, visiting me on instagram or visit the facebook page.

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